‘Ballistic’ Reaches Our Fundraiser Goal! September 25th, 2019

Thank you to everyone who liked, commented, shared and donated to our on-going Kickstarter campaign. What an amazing month since initiating our fundraiser back in the first week of August, to having such positive feedback and interest in the community!

What started as a small, traumatic moment between Zack and his Mother Michi, has evolved with the help of amazing cast and crew into a project ready for refinement. We are all extremely excited for what lies ahead for ‘Ballistic’ and look forward to keeping you posted as we finish off post-production and enter the film market!

Here’s a special video produced by Writer & Director, Zack Harris.

P.S. We are not to blame for the EMA’s latest false alarms, but had a good laugh at the messages to our team poking at the idea of playing it off as possible promotion. Thankfully this was not as intimidating as the original ballistic false alarm!
To learn more about Ballistic visit: https://ballisticshort.com/