Japan Businesses Seek Hawaii Retail & Business Opportunities October 2nd, 2019

Frank Clark
Draws Keen Japan Investor Interest
For A Piece of Paradise

According to bankers and local Hawaii business people, investor interest and investment in Hawaii from Japan is alive and well, spurred on by banking deregulation, declining domestic growth and a shrinking Japanese national economy, as well as the siren call of permanent residency abroad fueling the fire.

These economic, political and business drivers are seeing  an increasing number of Japanese investors scooping up hotels; restaurants; commercial and residential buildings; businesses and just about any other tangible asset they can find in Hawaii. This latter point is key because it broadens the seller market opportunities to almost any sound business asset available.

Until now the opportunity to connect with this investment market was quite limited, with information predominantly being passed along by Hawaii-based friends and family. The decisions made were not always well-informed and that meant the difference between a successful business investment, or one that was destined to fail.

That is all changing now following the latest initiative from local Japan business and investor expert, Real Select International Founder-CEO, Frank Clark. Hard on the heels of his success in establishing Waikiki 

Yokocho, Clark launched the first online platform designed specifically to connect Japanese investors with Hawaii’s Commercial Real Estate brokers and business owners. This newest venture, known as ScoopUSA.com, was unveiled during  two sold-out launch seminars which attracted hundreds of motivated attendees. Media interest peaked at more than 19.6 million following the announcement and included coverage in the prestigious Mainichi

, one of the major newspapers in Japan (circ. 3.1 million) and from the J-CAST news site, with 11 million monthly readers.

Following the Tokyo seminars, Clark said, ”After more than 25 years of business dealings with Japanese investors through Real Select International and Waikiki Yokocho, there was never a doubt in my mind that the Japan market had a need for information about commercial real estate and business opportunities in Hawaii, but this initial response to ScoopUSA exceeded even my expectations.”

After the second seminar, Clark was approached by more than 30 investors with offers from $100k to $1m+.  He has already received more than $20 million in business opportunities and new enquiries about golf courses and hotels in the past month.

To date, more than 20 Hawaii brokerages have listed over 80 properties but the high demand from Japan for unique, quality properties and investment opportunities are surging, and more listings are needed to grow the number and diversity of investment opportunities.  With such a wealth of opportunities available for the Hawaii market, Clark is very upbeat.

To list your property or business opportunity, visit: https://www.scoopusa.com/ and for additional information please contact: info@scoopusa.com