There are over 3,000 food and beverage places in Hawaii.

And in 2020, they all struggled. But decisions of what to eat and where to eat in Hawaii are still mostly determined by online searches. That means Hawaiians are still looking for the best restaurants to visit, and how they can get there, by doing their research on digital. On phones. On tablets. Despite the challenges of dining out, Hawaiians are more united than ever in their desire to support local food businesses across every island. So if you’ve ever wondered when your food business in Hawaii would be ready for digital, now is the moment to go online.

Revive Hawaii’s iconic food scene when you take your business to digital.

With digi-VORTEX, there’s nothing to fear. You’ll be working with a marketing agency that understands the intimacy and community-building role of food and beverage places in thriving Hawaiian towns and cities. We’re simply taking your brand and business right where the hungry market wants and needs to see you – at the top of search pages, with eye-catching and intuitive landing pages, and activating customer loyalty programs that can make the most out of existing support programs like Hawaii Restaurant Cards. We can even shoot content videos that can entice customers to order takeout or delivery from your kitchen!


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